When Citizens begin asking questions and seek answers from Local, State and Federal governments their eyes begin to see behind a thick veil and the exposure of deceit is blinding. 
I have learned to never assume that our government, whether local, state or federal, are looking out for WE THE PEOPLE.  We must question everything and do our own research. We must vet potential candidates running for office and not just cast a vote for somebody because you have heard their name before or if they previously held a political office. I have learned that even down to the local level of government in our county, corruption exists. I have learned that we can’t trust voting machines and that we must go back to paper ballots and paper poll books. As one of the representatives at the Clark County Commissioners meeting said regarding cyber security “Everything is Hackable”.
Clark County Taxpayer, L
As questions concerning security into our 2020 National Elections arose, I considered it incumbent upon me to look into our State’s process.
What I uncovered in my research has led me to one conclusion.
That is, our systems used, including the firmware and software of the machines, the electronic poll books, and access to my personal data, regardless of the use of cybersecurity oversight, are vulnerable to nefarious intrusions, with the possibility of manipulation of my vote and my personal data being shared.
Because of this, I conclude, we absolutely MUST return to a voter verifiable hand counted system of PAPER BALLOTS and PAPER POLLBOOKS that is legislatively directed to conduct post-election local audits, thus ensuring ALL votes were legally cast and accurately accounted for.
Clark County Taxpayer, K
What a journey this has been. To watch an election play out like never before has been incredibly eye opening to the fact that there can be so much wrong with them and most people don’t even realize it. I’ve learned that elections have been compromised through many many years. I’ve learned that it is so easy to get away with deceit with electronic voting systems so we should use paper ballots and it should always be open to the public when its time for counting. The voting roles should be updated every year so there is no chance for deceased and non resident voting being snuck in. There should never ever be ballot harvesting and we should always have in person voting unless it’s our warriors who are over seas who have to mail them in and elderly who are unable to attend. Our Elections are more sacred than I ever understood. The older I get the more important it has become to me. 
Clark County Taxpayers,  D and C
They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. The 2020 election strongly demonstrated that our election integrity and our right to have our voices be heard is gone. As a Clark county resident, I have learned how important it is to get involved on a local level and work to gain back our voices at the polls. I have learned that our current election systems are designed for corruption. With the use of electronic polling stations connected to the internet, our votes are being manipulated. It is important to come together at the grassroots level and push for the use of paper ballots only, to eliminate the vulnerability that internet connection inherently presents. It is important to attend local election board meetings, if for no other reason than to sit across from each individual and look them in the face while holding them accountable. Each Clark county citizen must become involved locally, whether minimally or obsessively, so we can all ensure that our officials are serving the public interest. It is an uphill fight. But with enough people performing their civic duties while standing united, we can add momentum to this boulder that’s already in motion and help propel it up this hill. 
Clark County Taxpayer, W
I am a concerned citizen who does not live in the state of Indiana but have children and grandchildren who do.  So, in response to the election fraud that’s happening all over our country, I got myself involved in a county group to keep accountability in the Indiana elections, as well as in my own state.
Like many other states in our nation, Indiana is questioning their election security.  And rightly so!  Who knew all the fraud that’s been taking place right under out noses!  It’s NOT the America that I knew as a kid!  I didn’t know that our elections have been manipulated for years now!  I didn’t know that judges were being paid or threatened to bring certain verdicts!  I didn’t know that China was so involved in our big corporations, our universities, or our elected officials!  I didn’t know there were so many wolves in sheep’s clothing!  What BIG TEETH they have!  However, when good people unify, pray, seek Gods face, and act, we CAN take our country back!  We have a duty to those who have bled and died to give us our liberties!  Now, we must fight again for our children and our grandchildren!
So to anyone reading this,……are you involved?  Get yourself involved to take our country back!  WE NEED YOU!!!
Mother and Grandmother of Clark County Taxpayer, J
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